Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'll admit it.  It's only day 3 of NaBloPoMo and I have absolutely nothing.  So remember how I said I'd try to spare you nonsense? My apologies.  Maybe it's the over 90 degree temperatures today that fill me with lethargy and give me the feeling of being punched in both of my eyes.  I don't think that run I took earlier helped matters either.  
I'm sluggish and feeling the let down of a Republican majority House.  It's really sad for me how anti-Obama so many people have become.  Two years ago, I remember literally jumping with joy as I watched Obama win the election.  I heard shouts and cheers in the streets of Harlem and know that it is one of the greatest moments that my generation will witness.  Now only two short years later, people seem to have given up and even worse blamed Obama for all the problems.  I'm OK with disagreeing politically but to ignorantly place all of the blame on Obama is absurd.  If I remember correctly, the main decision Obama made that wasn't Bush caused was the Health care bill, which I support.  
I don't know if it's ignorance, apathy or an underlying racism, but Obama is not to blame. 
In happier news, in my home state of Oregon Peter DeFazio was reelected.  DeFazio is one of the good ones, in my opinion, he has been around since I was a child.  In fact, I remember singing for him on MLK Jr Day prior to a city meeting when I was in elementary school.
Even more exciting is the very recent news that it looks like Kitzhaber will officially be elected for his third term as Governor.  The race between him and former Blazer, Dudley, was extremely close and as I type Dudley is still ahead by a .9% but with Fox News and the Oregonian calling it for Kitzhaber due to uncounted votes in a Democrat heavy area.  Kitzhaber is another politician that I remember growing up with, cowboy boots, bolo tie and all. He's another good one, a former ER physician that implemented the Oregon Health Plan which revolutionized health care for the lower income.  I will be proud to call Oregon home with these Dems in office.  
As much as I support Kitzhaber, I will admit I would have enjoyed a Governor on Segway if Bill Bradbury had won the primary.  Now that's class.


echo said...

I agree. I'm glad both OR and NY elected the dems, but the places in between, that's depressing. Bradbury would have been great for so many reasons, maybe he'll run next time.

Peach said...

i was happy to see paladino NOT elected! and now you get to have a "semi-homemade" first lady ;)
and yes, i'll always stick to the coasts....

Anonymous said...

This Bradbuy ad always makes me smile. He's the best. Mum