Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo Complete!

What a relief.  I completed national blog posting month.  There were times (and I'm sure you noticed) when the thought of blogging was less than inspiring.  I had writer's block, drove for days (which is not conducive to posting) and had uneventful days; however, it's satisfying to mark something of my list and hopefully improve my overall blog.
In the past thirty days things have changed.  I'm no longer in sunny Arizona, I'm looking harder than ever for a job, I'm craving my own apartment to set up and decorate.  Over the past thirty days I've realized some things in my life.  I don't want to work exhausting hours in a job that I am not passionate about; in fact, I'd rather work part-time and pursue my real interests.  I want to go back to graduate school and will begin the application process soon.  I think I'm ready to be more settled than I was a month ago.  I've had so many adventures and have literally zig-zagged my way throughout this enormous county and I'm finally ready to sit still for awhile (yeah, we'll see how long this lasts).
I go through stages like this every year.  In the spring and summer I yearn to be free and on the road.  In the fall I crave more adventures and by winter I'm ready to hole up in my own place, cook meals and hang out with friends.  With the end of NaBloPoMo comes the next step in my "sabbatical", I'm heading up to Eugene and then Portland and next to Seattle where I hope to find work, school, friends, and excitement (cause realistically, I like to keep moving).  I say I'm ready to settle for a moment, but there is no telling what is around the corner.

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