Monday, November 8, 2010

Stripping pays well

As I mentioned yesterday, Wojc and I drove to Vegas to pick up his dad R from the airport.  We decided to make a day of it and soon we were enjoying a surprisingly vegetarian friendly buffet at the Bellagio.  We ate more than a little too much, there was an all you can eat bakery after all.

We headed out on a walking tour and made our way past our good friends Donny and Marie.

We strolled around Caesar's Palace that is ginourmous and kind of like a tacky Rome/5th Avenue combo.  There were a lot of shops and a lot of kitsch but overall it's still pretty cool to see.  I love the ceilings at the Forum Shops, it sets and atmosphere of dusk in Rome. 

Having visited Rome several years ago, a faux-Trevi fountain just doesn't cut it so I decided to get over my stuck up "well I've been to the real Roman Forum" mentality and just enjoy Vegas for what it offers: gluttony and tacky.
We stuck around to see the hourly show at one of the fountains and the cheesiness was in full effect.  However, I must make a confession, I get really into touristy cheesy things so this was right up my alley.

We wandered some more and checked out some miniature motorcycles, I was with two avid Ducati and BMW fiends after all.  Wojc and R think I should learn to ride a bike and then push this blog in a whole new direction documenting my life on a bike.  Sounds good to me, now who's supplying the motorcycle?
Beyond the glitz and glam and extravagance, parts of Vegas really are beautiful.

In other Vegas news, apparently there are over 1,000 people living in the tunnels under the city.  The shocking article can be found here

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