Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day Late

As many of you know, I am very outspoken in my opposition to the Iraqi war.  I devoted day after day in college to organizing protests and student walk outs at the University of Washington campus.  I drove the 18 hours to San Francisco to protest and remember so clearly the utter sadness I felt on the day the bombing began back in March 2003.  And yet, I do support the troops.  I support them on an individual human level.  I might not agree with war, specifically such unjust war, but I will always hope the best for a fellow human.
Yesterday, I helped a Vietnam veteran and his wife move a love seat to their home so they could have a comfortable place to relax poolside.  At their house, couch unloaded, I was given a tour of their home and learned they had fostered over 20 kids throughout their lifetime.  These are the type of people you hope will foster.  In it for the right reasons.
Upon leaving, the woman brought out an antique dinosaur that she wanted to gift me with.
It was the highlight of my week getting to meet this couple.  They truly seemed surrounded by "goodness", to help them was a pleasure.  It's inspiring to see an older couple so involved and adventurous and compassionate, kind of gives a young person some growing old inspiration.
As I drove away, I realized how good it felt to help someone and better yet on veteran's day.  Politics aside, we need to support people and empathize.  We need to rally together and try to stop war and conflict and when that doesn't work and a war is still raging, we need to work to keep the soldiers safe and healthy upon returning from a life altering battle.
Happy Veteran's Day (a day late).
Now let's bring the troops home.

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