Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Saturday Night You Go To Eugene

I started out walking in the bright Arizona sunlight this morning.  I felt slightly foggy and knew that if I couldn't run I should walk at least.  I walked and walked and then Johnny Cash's voice came pulsing through the headphones.  I started to run and didn't want to stop as I played Big River on repeat.  By the end, I'd run almost five miles and could've gone more with Johnny's strong voice leading me on.
The recording below shows an aged Johnny but you wouldn't know by the the lyrics he belts out.  He is by far one of my favorite musicians of all time with a voice that inspires me to run at times or brings tears to my eyes in a melancholy mood.
There's not many voices like this anymore.

Bonus track: Johnny Cash singing about Roseburg, Oregon. Words don't do justice in how much I like this song.
Arizona travel recaps starting tomorrow.

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