Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You know in romantic comedies where there is an (annoyingly) quirky woman who is frequently running into things, falling down, dropping all their shopping bags? You think, yeah right, that never happens. Move along.
Well, apparantly it does happen. To me.
Beloved Bianchi.
 I was bike commuting to work this morning (FYI, I live in Seattle now), as I have done every morning for the past 5 weeks. Cruising around a corner, I started pumping my break, only to hear a pop. My brake cable snapped and soon I was heading straight towards a bench in front of a Starbucks. Not only did I hit the bench and tumble off my bike, but I hit the bench and fell of that too. It was like the wreck that wouldn't stop. When you fall (publicly) sometimes the worst thing is the humiliation. "Oh no, I'm fine!", you exclaim. Only to realize an hour or so later that your knee is swollen, bruised and aching.
Oddly enough, Mathew McConaughey was no where to be seen.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


It's been a good 8 months since I last posted here and figured it's time for some updating.
The end of September I packed up and left Portland, it was was one of the only times I drove away from a city feeling no sadness. I'm not sure why (who am I kidding, it was the hipsters) I didn't mesh with that town, but either way I'm gone. I spent a couple weeks in Port Orford before flying to Lake Havasu for a little over a month. It was glorious... until it wasn't. I was plagued with the plague and horribly sick for 10 days with strep throat and abscesses (lovely, I know).

In early November, I embarked on another journey to NYC. I spent three weeks there as my sister awaited the birth of her son. It was such a special time and I'm so thankful to have been a part of it. My mom flew out as well and we all spent thanksgiving together. It was a lovely trip back to my old stomping grounds and ended with the greatest thing of all. My nephew!
After NYC, I raced to the airport just in time to make my flight to LA. Is it weird I felt safer knowing Jimmy Smits was on the plane?
Rainy days in LA followed by snowy days in Big Bear for Wojtek's 30th.

Next, we piled in the truck and drove south back to Lake Havasu. We were joined by a German visiter and Wojtek's brother and explored the desert before we all got sick. Again.

After Christmas, we all headed north to Port Orford....where I got sick again and decided to stay to recover for the month of January as the rest of the gang headed north. In February, I packed up my bags and moved to Seattle! Wojtek and I found a temporary place overlooking Lake Union and I fell in love with this city all over again. I've been here for the past few months, took classes, pursued a possible career chance, and lived to tell the story of a nightmarish recovery from a tonsillectomy. And there you have it, my past 8 months in a nutshell.