Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You know in romantic comedies where there is an (annoyingly) quirky woman who is frequently running into things, falling down, dropping all their shopping bags? You think, yeah right, that never happens. Move along.
Well, apparantly it does happen. To me.
Beloved Bianchi.
 I was bike commuting to work this morning (FYI, I live in Seattle now), as I have done every morning for the past 5 weeks. Cruising around a corner, I started pumping my break, only to hear a pop. My brake cable snapped and soon I was heading straight towards a bench in front of a Starbucks. Not only did I hit the bench and tumble off my bike, but I hit the bench and fell of that too. It was like the wreck that wouldn't stop. When you fall (publicly) sometimes the worst thing is the humiliation. "Oh no, I'm fine!", you exclaim. Only to realize an hour or so later that your knee is swollen, bruised and aching.
Oddly enough, Mathew McConaughey was no where to be seen.

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