Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wasn't really feeling the urge to dress up on Halloween but enjoyed the day nonetheless.  To stay "festive" Wojc and I decided to enjoy the beautiful day outside and found a hike to a bat cave.  This seemed promising so we headed to the foothills just east of Lake Havasu in the morning. There was no trail and the directions I found online to the bat cave were very vague including, "you will pass a dirt road and a grave marker", none of which we saw.
Heading out on our quest for bats
As we hiked in the direction we assumed was north we ran into an ATVer and he directed us in a different direction.  Following increasingly vague directions to "follow the wash to the right of the rock peak" ended with no bat cave in site.

We decided to persevere and were not disappointed.  We hiked through the washes (dried out stream bed) and summited a rocky peak. The view was the best I've seen in Havasu.

desert oasis
There was not a breath of wind, no traffic noise, no airplanes overhead.  Complete stillness.  There's such an invigorating atmosphere in the desert.  The wide open space unencumbered by buildings, mountains and trees adds a lightness to the air and a feeling of peace and tranquility.  I've always loved wide open spaces, it eases my feelings of claustrophobia.

I will be heading back north to Oregon within a couple weeks and while I do love that state, leaving Arizona in the Fall is like saying good bye to a dear friend.

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