Saturday, November 27, 2010


As I work off my apple pie consumption and take breaks in between job applications and trying to decide where to go next, I've been attempting to be a little creative.
I found an old box of my mom's hippie books from the 70's and have been working on some psychedelic collages.  The books themselves are spectacular covering yoga, feminism and buddhism with outrages images.  I'm pretty happy with them and will post some pictures when I'm done.
Tomorrow I'm heading over to my dad's for plywood, stencil's and spray paint to work on a wall hanging that I saw on Holly's blog a few months ago.  Seems like a pretty easy project, now I just need to narrow down the quotes I want to use.  What's your favorite quote?
photo from Nothing But Bonfires 
Finally, since I am a few blocks from the beach I've been trying to think up a project using driftwood.  The only problem is finding something that isn't extremely cheesy, which unfortunately is prevalent in driftwood art.

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the cubicle's backporch said...

Driftwood art would be neat. And I love the quote on the wall idea.