Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hole In The Rock

A few days ago my brother J and I went exploring on the beach again.  We drove down 101 south of Port Orford about 10 miles, abruptly pulled over on the side of the rode where you will see the below view.  Hole in the rock
 I've driven by this site more times than I can count.  I used to waitress in Gold Beach and got to see these types of views for 30 minutes.  By far the most beautiful commute I've had, sure beats the A train from Harlem.
 Although I lived in Port Orford for 19 years, there are so many spots that I haven't explored mostly due to a severe case of teenage angst that did not include hiking.  I think I had hiked down to hole in the rock once about 20 years ago and wow, did I forget the view.
 Unfortunately, my camera battery was dying so I was only able to snap a few shots.  This was the type of beach that pictures don't do justice.  The rock is huge and imposing, the surrounding ocean powerful and churning.  The beach stretching on and on.  Standing by the hole in the rock you are met with the crashing waves and your feet begin to tingle as you anticipate the churning water pulling you out to sea.
 I'm not sure how that huge hole got there, but to me it seems pretty obvious.  The aliens that landed on Humbug Mt when the summit was enclosed in fog used hole in the rock as their home. Duh.
 Whatever the story, hole in the rock has just become my new go-to hike for visitors to Port Orford.
 In other news, a few days ago it snowed. In Port Orford.  And then pigs flew. Let's just say it's rare to see snow falling down at the beach.  It was fun while it lasted that hour.

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