Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talk about a dream, try to make it real

Today, Wojc and I pack up and head out on the highway.  In June we decided to live out a dream to drive cross country.  We had been in Manhattan for three years and knew our time there was up, we are west coast souls and wanted to head back.  I quit my job, we bought a truck, loaded up our belongings including a motorcycle and after a tearful goodbye with my sister and her husband we set off across the George Washington bridge and through blinding tears left the beautiful city I'd called home.

We didn't plan our itinerary and took it day by day.  We took a southern route, camping the whole way.
What an adventure it was, one of the best in my life.  Since I was a young child, I dreamt about and planned my own road trip adventure.  To finally realize that dream was so satisfying; I do not regret my decisions at all.
We covered so much ground, met interesting locals, slept in beautiful forests, swam in warm lakes and side tripped in the morning on the ducati.  Sure there was an argument or two mixed in with all this dreaminess and one or two painful nights in rest area parking lots, an illness and a rainy night; but as with so many trips, I have nothing but fond memories today.

Our trip has taken us through several states, five months and countless memories.  Our travels continue today as we head to our old Pacific Northwest stomping grounds to reunite with the people I love most and plan the next leg of the trip.  As exhausting as travel can be, I long to hit the road and see my progress on a map.  In honor of getting back in the traveling spirit, I'll be doing a few posts covering my very own travel tips in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

That is my favorite Bruce Springsteen song :)
- Kym

Peach said...

you're the first one to notice ;)