Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Stream

Well folks I'm not feeling so great today.  I've been feeling pretty sick ever since the weather cooled down and today was the topper.  I've done nothing but lay in bed, drink endless cups of raspberry tea and soak in a bath; unfortunately, this shows in my blogging.  
No adventures to report today, only that I'll be driving back to the town I called home for 19 years in three days.  It's about a 17 hour drive so it will take us at least two days.  In Port Orford I'll have to finalize the next stage of my adventure and I  do have a few ideas brewing. 
the hometown port

I'm pretty sad to be sick the last days in Havasu.  The weather is slowly creeping back to the 80s and while it is windy, it's bright and sunny.  I'd love to spend the last couple days riding around the hills and exploring, here's hoping to better health.
Speaking of health, isn't it crazy how much we take good health for granted? Oh sure, I have moments when I'm aware, but for the most part I only realize it when I'm sick in bed.  Whenever I'm sick I get the urge to run, swim, paint, dance and everything else that I should be doing more often day to day.  
Another thing, is there anyone else out there that thinks they will never not be sick when you are sick? Did that make sense? 
Speaking of being sick and uninsured (which sucks to put it bluntly), please watch this Daily Show bit.  I tried to post video, but follow the link instead.  
In other news, here's a picture of Wojc when we spent 4th of July in Asheville, NC.  
long live the segway. and turkeys.

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