Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

After several days exploring Portland (which I am growing to love) Wojc picked me up and drove me back to Seattle.
I really love Seattle, it's so unbelievably beautiful on a (rare) clear day. It has been bitterly cold here, but clear and that is all I ask for.
Wojc and I have been having a back and forth struggle about where to settle: Portland or Seattle.  There are pros and cons with both.  As a friend said, I need one of the options to be taken away and I'll know (by my level of disappointment or relief) which is truly best.
I'm going to check out a few apartments in downtown Seattle tomorrow and this weekend I head down for my weekly Portland visit for a second interview.  Fingers crossed (maybe).

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Saucy Britches said...

that was ME. I am that friend with sage advice. Well, not really advice. More like useless suggestions. But the most important thing is... I get all my advice ideas from episodes of "Friends". This one was from when Rachel thought he pregnancy test was negative, and was disappointed until Phoebe revealed that the test was INDEED POSITIVE. That Phoebe, she's so tricky.