Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Wheels Move the Soul

Wojc and I flew back to Vegas from NYC last Monday ending our three-week "vacation". I had some good luck out there and was able to make some spending money through a chance offer at Microsoft.  It definitely came at the perfect time considering it has been over three months since I quit my job in New York.  Wojc and I had separate flights back to McCarren airport and I enjoyed the time alone by slowly getting sucked into season 1 of Mad Men. Yes, I am a little behind the trend in that one.  After a layover in Denver, I got to Vegas after 9 hours of travel.
Waiting for the Rivercity shuttle to Havasu

Wojc and I landed within a few minutes of each and spent the next three hours trying to entertain ourselves in the parking lot while we waited for the shuttle to Lake Havasu, AZ.  The shuttle is over three hours and by the time we got home we had been traveling for 16 hours and were exhausted to the core.  
Keeping ourselves entertained at McCarren
 Arizona in the fall is spectacular.  When we left about a month ago for New York the daily average was still about 100 degrees.  Now it's 65-75 degrees daily.  It cools down in the evening enough to make a sweater necessary and it couldn't be more perfect.  I am so thankful to be here in this beautiful environment.  Not a day goes by that I don't exclaim my happiness at being here.  The sunsets are magical with bright purples and pinks.  Truly there is something indescribable about Mohave autumns.  I think all those snow bunnies are onto something.
Back in beautiful Arizona
Besides writing and sketching and working on projects, Wojc and I have been taking little rides throughout the surrounding area to picnic and stroll.  Yesterday we rode the ducati south about 40 miles to Parker Dam.
the ducati.
 This Colorado River dam makes Lake Havasu and supplies LA with drinking water.  While I don't necessarily support damming rivers, I must admit it makes for a nice surrounding.
beginning of Lake Havasu
 Don't let these pictures fool you.  The sky was bright blue and vibrant.

We cruised through the rocky desert canyons and took a few back roads before heading back north.
wide open spaces

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